About Us

About Us

Established in Melbourne, Australia, by an experienced team of craftsmen, CraftSix is a commercial carpentry business offering a range of solutions in carpentry, defects assist and joinery. We service the Australian building and construction industry so, you can talk to us about carpentry, full commercial fit-outs and all related work. Our team would be happy to discuss your particular needs and present you with a quote at the earliest.

We value our people and strongly believe that our vision for the future, together with the culture we nurture will reward our employees and customers alike, with continuous success.


To work from our core values, and establish an unrivaled position as a specialist provider of timber products and services to the Australian Building and Construction industry. To be the number 1 employer of choice and attract the best in the business.


We will put our customers first and take the time to understand their needs. Through investment in new technologies, research and development, we will craft and deliver exceptional work, every time. We will create a rewarding workplace, initiate an exciting new wave in high-performing company culture, and drive our business forward with people who will go above and beyond to deliver outstanding quality and workmanship.


  • Safety
    – We will provide a safe workplace where our employees can work without getting hurt.
    – Train employees in safety, take precautions and follow safety procedures without compromise, at all times.
  • Environment
    – Adopt environmental awareness and sustainability strategies in our day-to-day business operations.
    – Support our communities with action that will put the environment first.
  • Culture
    – Create a fun and enjoyable culture in which all employees can experience a positive workplace, thrive, and be their best.
  • Honesty & Integrity
    – We will conduct our business in a professional, legal and ethical manner.
    – Build lasting relationships through honesty, respect, trust and understanding with our employees as well as our customers.
  • Leadership
    – Develop a company structure that will enable employees to grow and become invaluable leaders.
    – Encourage our employees to contribute and shape the direction of our business.
  • Diversity
    – We shall embrace diversity and provide our employees with equal opportunities.
    – Operate a business that promotes teamwork, professional and personal growth.
  • Employees Before Profits
    – Listen to our people and recognise that they are our greatest asset.
    – Support each member of the team to reach their full potential.
    – Reward hard work, success and loyalty.
  • Excellence
    – We will skillfully execute our work, using experience, innovation and ingenuity.
    – Provide workmanship and products of the highest caliber, and back it up with excellent customer service.
    – Regularly measure our performance and invest in continuous improvement.